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    Darrell Watson, Former Pastor First Baptist Church Forsyth, Forsyth, GA

    ‘There’s no doubt that Cargill’s process works. It is not a hard sell. It’s: believe, have the vision, and be involved in the vision. They really prompted true ownership among the whole church congregation. Just about everything we wanted to accomplish, we were able to accomplish. I would unequivocally hire Cargill Associates again to assist with any fundraising campaign.’

    Ben Lohmer, Former Senior Pastor Cornerstone United Methodist Church, Houston, Texas

    ‘When I got here in 2018, we found out finances were a major problem. It was important that we made a big move to pay down that debt. When we came to that day when we were ready to pay off the debt, everybody was holding hands, hugging, and excited about the future of the church. And that hadn’t been there for the last year.’

    Kay Cleveland Campaign Coordinator First Presbyterian Church, Clinton, South Carolina

    ‘With Cargill’s technique, to me, one of the successful parts of the campaign is not just the money. It’s the relationships and the involvement of the congregation as a part of the campaign. It was very successful. A real blessing to our congregation and to me personally.’